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    After the Google takeover, YouTube has consolidated its position as market leader. The site records 3 billion views every day, but not all users understand how to utilize all its useful options to maximum.

    Below are great tips for efficient utilization of YouTube:

    "Large Player" and HD

    Whenever you don’t want to see a video entirely screen, but you’d want a higher resolution, you can test the choice "Large Player", which eliminates the right column and increases the viewing area. If you would like all clips to automatically load in HD format, you are able to adjust the alternatives in "Playback Setup", through the "Settings" menu.


    The "Leanback" option has been introduced for users of smart TVs, nevertheless, you can also enjoy it on your computer. Because of it, you’ll be able to navigate easier and more elegant in the playlists and YouTube channels.


    Viewing the "Captions" messages before the videos can be simply optimized by registered user; you can affect the font, its size and colours, over the "Settings" button visible after clicking "CC".

    Past and Favorites

    Find easily any clip already viewed or delete from "History" clips that you don’t wish to be visible. Select your company name in the top right corner and enter the "Video Manager". You’ll be able to optimize "My Viewing History" and you’ll edit their list of "Favorites" and "Watch Later".

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    The mouse isn’t the sole method to regulate the player while viewing a video on YouTube. Make use of the keyboard shortcuts for easier navigation. The "Space" key can pause or resume video, along with nearly everywhere arrows it is possible to see the clip along with down and up arrows you can control the quantity.

    Search Options

    Besides speech marks, YouTube offers other useful search options. You should use "intitle: x" when you want to locate results with X within the title and you can narrow your quest by having terms such as "HD" or "3D". Add "long" in your search for videos more than 20 minutes and "short" for videos shorter than 4 minutes.

    YouTube Slam

    The sport produced by YouTube lets you choose your chosen between two similar videos. Try "YouTube Slam" within the "Try Something New" menu, towards the bottom in the page.

    Other languages

    You don’t need a special keyboard to go looking videos in languages using different alphabet. Affect the language towards the bottom in the screen you’ll also find available a smaller virtual keyboard to go in characters from the Greek alphabet and also Arabic, Cyrillic and much more.

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